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Clare Davy is the founder of The Reconstructed Woman where she empowers wives who survived childhood abuse to overcome their past and cultivate a healthy heart and home. As a child abuse survivor herself Clare is very passionate about helping women Release the pain of the past, Restore the places of devastation, and Rebuild a beautiful life in Christ. She does this through her speaking events, coaching programs, and Encounter Experiences.

Clare can be found online through her various social media outlets or over at The Reconstructed Woman Podcast with Clare Davy where she's a voice for women who need healing, deliverance, discipleship, and TRUTH. Her bold style and knack for speaking unwavering truth help deliver her powerful messages of finding freedom and building a beautiful life through Christ!

Clare is currently working on her first book, "The Reconstructed Woman: Blueprints for a Beautiful Life" which is set to release in 2022!

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