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The Reconstructed Woman

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Abuse causes damage, destruction, and devastation to every aspect of the mind, body, and soul. But through Christ you can heal and rebuild a beautiful life!

Having come to terms with her own repressed childhood trauma, Clare Davy is on a mission to silence the shame in survivors and equip you with the courage to find your voice, deconstruct your messy mindsets, and live in full freedom.

In The Reconstructed Woman: Blueprints for a Beautiful Life, Clare provides you with the tools to Release, Restore, and Rebuild your life through Christ. Written for those who desire healing from sexual abuse, but have no idea where to start, Clare shares personal trials and triumphs, journal prompts, bible verses, prayers, and tools for your very own transformation!

No more bowing to the aftermath of abuse. Let Clare help you find your voice and break through into the beautiful after brokenness!

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