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Growing Closer to God with Monika Kirkland

Today’s Guest Monika Kirkland is a wife, mother of four, author and blogger. She lives with her family in Southern California where her and her husband work in full time ministry at Mountain View Church. She is passionate about following Jesus and encouraging others to walk in the freedom and peace found in Christ! You can connect with her on instagram @monikakirkland and on her website!

Today we are talking about connecting to the heart of God. Monika shares how encountering God changed her life. She shares how in surrendering her heart to God she was able to in return gain so much goodness. Peace is the strongest fruit she gained after a gradual surrender of her heart. She shares how she was able to encounter God’s love and acceptance even after years of struggling with roots of rejection! We talk about the adventure of walking with God and how everything good and fruitful comes from him!!! We talk about practical steps you can take togrow closer to God! I know this episode will encourage you!!!!


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